What is better than Anti-Virus?

HERE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I CAN TELL YOU TODAY … How much is your personal data worth on your computer? Can you put a price on the pictures you’ve taken (and scanned from photos), Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, QUICKEN FINANCIAL DATA? Can you afford to have your entire computer wiped out in two minutes? It could happen from a fire, a hard drive crash or any number of things. Today it was the CRYPTO LOCKER (CryptoWall) Virus (not MY computer, but an auto dealership). It is ransom-ware. The virus gets on your computer and encrypts ALL your data files. The first thing you will notice is your background picture turning to picture #1. It’s a set of instructions … we have hacked your computer and encrypted ALL your data files (they don’t care about the programs). If you want them back, you have to follow the instructions. If you are lucky it may only cost you $500. If not (and they think you are too eager to pay), it can quickly escalate to $10,000 or more. YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR FILES BACK. Yes, you can pay and hope they don’t jack the price before they give you the decryption key. Your best defense is to have good backups of your data. You will have to bite the bullet and rebuild all the programs on the hard drive from scratch. What you get back in data depends on when the last time you backed up your files. You can get an online backup service, or for $60 you can get a massive external drive. It’s better than nothing.

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